Chaffles, Two Ways
Chaffles, Two Ways

Credits to: u/Janechickie





  1. Turn on waffle maker of choice(I used a full sized one and broke into the quarters pictured)
  2. Whisk 1 egg and combine with 1/4c cheddar+1/4c parmesan and almond flour. Set aside. Grease waffle maker and empty mixture into it, cook to your specifications.
  3. Prepare 1 egg and 1 slice of bacon to preference.
  4. Remove tops from and thinly slice 2 strawberries long ways.
  5. Assemble anyway you like! For the sweet side, I sifted a small amount of Swerve confectioner’s before layering the strawberries and putting a little Lakanto syrup. For the savory, a simple bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwich!



Calories: 583 | Total Fat: 43.5g | Total Carbs: 11g | Fiber: 2.9g | Net Carbs: 8.1g | Protien: 40.8g


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