Keto Turkish Style Pide
By: wizidaro

Keto Turkish style Pide (flat bread with cubed beef, cheese and runny egg on top)

Full credit goes to: Wizidora from reddit


-Crust: . 3/4 Cup almond flour 2 tbs creamed cheese 1 cup grated mozzarella(or any preferred dry cheese like Gouda or Edam cheese) Garlic powder 1 big egg( room temperature)

-Topping: . A cut of Ribeye (preferably aged and well marbled) Ghee or butter Onion Black pepper Egg yolk(only yolk) . . . How to(filling): Cut onions in small slices, fry them with a spoon of ghee till transparent. Take the onion out of the pan, add another spoon of ghee and put the heat to high! After on minute when the pan got really hot, put your diced meat in( the reason is to trap the juice of the meat inside) Don’t stir much cause it will make the juice come out and the meat will dry out! Add black pepper. let each side cook for about 1 minute keep an eye on it though not to burn! Then add your cooked onion on top , stir a bit and then add very small amount of water to the pan and put the lid on so it cooks, after about ten minutes add your salt( if you add salt at the beginning to the meat, it will make it really dry and takes all the juice out so always add salt last). When the water evaporated completely and back to frying situation again, turn off the heat and put aside! . . .

How to(Crust): Mix the cream cheese and mozzarella and put in microwave until gluey. Add almond flour, egg and garlic powder (Don’t add any salt to the crust, cheese will make it salty anyways) Your crust will not look like a very firm dough at this stage so put it in the freezer for about 10,15 minutes! Line one parchment paper in your tray, divide your dough into two or one big as showed in the picture and put another parchment paper on top of it and roll it carefully to get an ellipse shape! With a spatula try to bring up edges slightly so it would stop the toppings run!

Cook in the oven for 10,15 minutes until looks like cooked and golden in colour! Take it out and add the toppings as below:

Add some grated cheese of your choice on top( not much) , your cooked meat, and at last two or three egg yolks on top! Put back to the oven and cook for more 3,4 minutes until the cheese melts! Take it out and enjoy!

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