Butter-basted, Pan seared New York strip steak
Butter-basted, Pan seared New York strip steak

Credit goes to u/cirquecadiacosmetics

Ingredients: New York strip steaks Salt (tsp-ish) Pepper (tsp-ish) MSG (1/4 tsp) Butter (3 tablespoons) Half a shallot Garlic (a few cloves) Rosemary Canola oil (1/4 cup)


  • generously season steak on all sides with S&P and MSG mixture

  • Rest for an hour in room temperature area

  • Heat pan over medium-high, then add the canola oil (wait until it’s just beginning to smoke)

  • Pan sear in canola oil for 3 and a half minutes on one side

  • Add the shallot, garlic, and rosemary to the pan (I prefer the shallot and garlic to be whole)

  • Flip and cook for an additional two minutes

  • Add butter and baste the steak for about a minute and a half (basting is where you slightly tilt the pan to one side and spoon the butter over the steak)

  • Transfer meat to a cutting board, rest for ten minutes and enjoy!