Keto Turnip Fries
Keto Turnip Fries

Credits to u/SCBeauty


  1. Cup top and bottom off of turnip

  2. Peel turnip (I used a vegetable peeler)

  3. Cut turnip into 1/4″ – 1/2″ fry shapes

  4. Put turnip fries and all other ingredients in a bowl; mix throughly to coat.

  5. Place turnip fries in an air fryer – 400° for 10 mins

  6. Open air fryer, shake contents of the basket, and resume at 400° for an additional 10-12 mins (to your desired doneness)

  7. Enjoy!

Fry sauce for dipping is just sugar free ketchup, mayo, & pepper. Enjoy!

This whole plate had 6.2 net carbs

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