Lamb and kimchi
Lamb and kimchi "relish"

By: u/Own-Row-6523:

As a Korean, i really miss the whole rice, meat and kimchi combo but this kimchi “relish” adds a bit of zing to ANY BBQ meat

Lamb cutlets (grilled)^

Kimchi relish. Half cup old kimchi.* Full cup kale, Glug of olive oil (stirfry).

Brussel sprout salad side. ** Tablespoon natural yoghurt. 15gms currents. 20gms nuts of your choice (I like to mix sunflower, pepitas and almond slivers). 130gms Brussel sprouts (Also works with broccoli). Mint leaves (or whatever herb you have in your garden).

9g carbs, 15mins to cook it all, feeds 2 peeps.

^ adjust to what amount you can have. *old kimchi that is only good for soups,stir fry etc is best as it will naturally be sour, spicy and full of garlic, ginger and other good things for your belly. ** Danish salad with little bursts of sweetness from the currents. Danish friends introduced me to this salad, originally with brocc, almonds, onion and a whole lot more currents but this is a keto version with Brussel sprouts because that’s what i had in the fridge today…=) enjoy! Image description: bbq meat is topped with a red kimchi pieces mixed with dark green kale bits. Placed on a plate next to a light green, salad with dark spots of currents.